Monday, August 18, 2008

Who is this T. Boone Pickens Cat?

I saw some other bloggers with links to his energy plan and had seen a few adds on TV but never really paid any attention to him. I always planned on looking into this later and I've had a little time and was he just met with both Barak Obama and John McCain.

I must say, I am skeptical.

I like the idea of wind farms in the Midwest and I really like the notion of not relying on foreign countries for our energy needs. But this veers toward socialism. The premise of Pickens Plan is that we'll spend around $1 Billion in tax money to fund wind farm and then use the natural gas we usually expend to get energy in many cities and use that for transportation. It is the $1 Billion that bothers me.

The reason that private companies didn't already build windmills all across the US (even with the already existing generous government subsidies) is that they're just not worth it. Spending $1 Billion to drop what? 20% of our demand for foreign oil? I think thats a bad deal.

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