Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The X-Files Movie

==Minor Spoiler Alert==

I'm a big fan of the X-Files but the movie was sub par. The movie in no way touched on the linear plot and instead was just like a stand alone episode that happened to be 2 hours long, and not even a good episode. As long as it was, the film wasn't long enough to sufficiently explain the back story to many elements of the plot and was rather confusing. And the island ending was way out of canon.

If you're an X-Files junkie you have to see it because, you know....you have to. If you're not it probably isn't worth your time.

And apparently Xzibit was in it. Who knew?

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Tim said...


The main problem in my eyes was that the case the FBI was working on was uninteresting. The movie would have been ten times better if the FBI had had to talk to Mulder because they were dealing with something really weird, not just because they want him to talk to a police psychic.