Sunday, June 1, 2008

Shopping for a Third Party Candidate in 08 – Part II

As was expressed here, I am interested in the delicate act of protest voting and wanted to advise all of my friends on the right who could not bring themselves to vote for John McCain. Of the candidates that have a shot in this election John McCain is by far the least bad, I support him and think there are plenty of reasons you should too. If McCain is either clearly going to win or clearly going to lose Delaware and my presidential vote wouldn’t make a difference anyway I may vote third party. Out of curiosity I also wanted to see who else was out there. Right now, this is the field;

Libertarians – The most promising place for my vote right now, the Libertarians emerged from their convention having nominated a Barr/Root ticket. I really like the looks of Barr and I’m glad to see that Root has clearly specified he does not believe abortion is a federal issue. I’d still like to know more about Barr, particularly where he stands on illegal immigration but he has a pretty solid record from Congress. Right now this is probably where my protest vote is going.

Constitutionalists – Nominated a fellow named Chuck Baldwin. Don’t know too much about Chuck but it looks like he would be a solid anti-illegal immigration, lower-taxes, shrink the government vote if Barr doesn’t pan out for some reason.

Prohibitionists – When you’ve finally had enough of politics. Not sure if they’ll be on the ballot in Delaware.

Ralph Nader – got 2,000 votes from DE in 2004, he’ll probably be on the ballot again this year.

Greens – seem set to nominate Cynthia McKinney, she may very well be to the left of Arden.

Mike Gravel! – Alas, the dream has died. After finishing fourth at the Libertarian National Convention Gravel does not appear to be further pursuing a presidential run.

There are a couple other Third Parties but it is unlikely they will make it onto the ballot in Delaware. Nationwide, if you’ve got a problem with McCain send a clear message to Republican leadership with a vote for Barr or Baldwin.


Mike D'Armi said...

Barr is in no way Libertarian. He is one of the fathers of the Patriot Act remember.

Chuck Baldwin is the best third-party candidate.

Mike W. said...

McKinney is completely nuts!

And I agree with mike - Barr isn't a libertarian. Besides, the goal here is to make sure Obama doesn't get elected.