Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Impression of the 2008 Delaware Republican Convention

Over all, not nearly as bad as I thought it would be.

-Terry Strine had to go and he did
-There will be no real primary in September
-I am really really excited about the possibility of Charlie Copeland for Lt. Governor
-I think we have a good shot at picking up the Insurance Commissioner spot
-Bill Lee for Governor: Because I told you so

I realize much in Delaware state-wide politics will depend on trends in nation-wide politics but I think the Delaware GOP retardedly managed to do most of what they could to make things go well in the fall. I think we have a strong candidate for Insurance Commissioner (an open seat with 3 democrats fighting each other for their nomination) which is important because in 8 years the Insurance Commissioner will probably advance to something else. Bill Lee stands a legitimate chance at governor and the state would be better for it. Finally, I can not stress how excited I am about Copeland. We all have liberal friends who listen to us from time to time, if you think any of them are capable for voting for 1 republican this fall, ask them to vote for Charlie Copeland.


Mike Mahaffie said...

"Capable of voting for a Republican?"

Is there a test?

Why not just advocate advocating for your candidate without implying that I, as a registered Democrat, am somehow not capable of making an informed choice that rises above party identification.

That's very insulting. If that is your approach, you run a very real risk of seriously undercutting what might otherwise be a valid argument.

Tim said...

I think he's saying that some people tend to vote along party lines, not that every "liberal" blindly votes Democrat.

City Upon The Hill said...

Micheal, forgive me please! Most of the folks I end up talking politics with are very young and very radical. Oddly, while they are not open to being persuaded to vote for candidates from other parties because of policy positions they often are willing to vote for a Republican or two because we're friends. It was to those folks, with whom I discuss most of my local politics, that the comment was aimed.

I'm sure you know plenty of Delaware Republicans who will not hear a thing of John Carney because some Democrats in Massachusetts backed gay marriage but they are open to doing you a favor and voting for your pick in a school board election. I'm dealing with much the same, many of my liberal friends won't hear a thing about Republican national candidates because they're angry about the Patriot Act or some other thing but they'd do me a favor and vote for a local republican or two.

To calmer, more open Democrats several of the conservative options on Delaware's 2008 ballot are very attractive and I greatly look forward to discussing their policy positions in the coming months.