Monday, April 28, 2008

Italy - Vanguard of a New European Renaissance?

I have always been fond of Italy's interaction with the European Union. Take this example; after a sharp rise in crime by recent immigrants culminating in the brutal beating, rape and murder of the wife of the commander of the Italian Navy's mine sweeping squadron by a Gypsy, Italy moved to expel all Immigrants who posed a threat to the nation. The EU said Italy couldn't do that because those people were EU citizens. Italy told the European Union where it could stick its objections. The EU realized it had no real enforcement mechanisms.

Italy has recently re-elected Silvio Berlusconi and a recent survey has showed that 70% of Italy's gynecologists now refuse to perform abortions.

Europe, with Italy at the forefront seems to be moving in a more conservative direction at a healthy pace. Angela Merkel, Nicolas Sarkozy and now Silvio Berlusconi is back? And the Tories are expected to take back the UK - if only they'd start having kids again!

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