Monday, February 25, 2008

The New Cuba?

Yesterday Cuba got a new leader, and with him America may get a new outlook on Cuban-American relations. There has been a lot of talk of normalizing relations with Cuba, it has even been argued at the Democratic debates but I am weary.

Raul Castro is a huge pillar of Chavez’s “Bolivarian revolution”, Cuba is still actively trying (and often succeeding in) infiltrating our intelligence agencies and most importantly he is still the leader of a repressive communist dictatorship with a terrible human rights record. We should be willing to negotiate with Raul (we should be willing to negotiate with anyone, if Osama offered to turn himself in for a candy bar we should give it to him) but we shouldn’t expect too much. There is a chance he will give in to democracy but that’s a slim one – let’s make small, limited exchanges before we get our hopes up and put removing the embargo on the table.

On a related note - shame on Obama for pledging to meet with Raul “without preconditions”.

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Tim said...

Agreed. Also, I'm fairly confident they invented the word "preconditions." It doesn't mean anything! What's it supposed to mean, a condition met before they'll talk? That's just a condition! A condition "met" afterwards isn't a condition so much as a favor. Grr. Fuck political terminology.

Also, Cuba.